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Contract Hire Details

In the USA, it is estimated that almost 20% of all cars that are bought are done through contract hire. This percentage is rapidly increasing as time goes by. As people become more and more aware of contract hire, more people are likely to choose this option for their car needs. In the UK, contract hiring is taking the market by storm. One of the biggest advantages of contract hire is that there is no liability to you since you don't own the car. If the car becomes faulty, then the problems have to be sorted out by the service provider or the manufacturer. Contract hire is no longer a confusing ordeal and is now an easy and it is affordable transaction. Because of the increasing popularity of Contract Hire the range we offer is very extensive and we can tailor the vehicle to our customer’s exact needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I order a vehicle?

You can leave an inquiry online, or give us a call (01656 837534) or send us an email. After placing an order our salesmen will contact you to get you the right product for the right price as soon as possible.

Where are our vehicles?

Most of our vehicles are delivered directly to you from airfields or ports, this makes pre delivery inspections easier and if you require extras they can be added without problem.

What is the normal availability and stock?

The normal availability varies between each vehicle, the way it goes generally is that the more specific the vehicle the longer it will take to be available and the less likely it is in stock. Our salesmen will let you know the availability when dealing with your inquiry.

What warranty is supplied with our vehicles?

All the vehicles arrive to you taxed and with a main dealer manufacturer warranty. If in the unlikely event you do run into a problem then you can take it to your nearest Franchised Dealer.  The majority of our dealer manufacturer warranties are 3 years in length, but if that is more or less our salesmen will make sure you know.

How much is delivery and what is our delivery range?

For new vehicles we offer delivery inside the UK main land for free (excluding Isle of Wight, Isle of Man, The Channel islands and Northern Ireland). All mainland deliveries are free and if not we will let you know. Our salesmen will talk you through delivery after at a later stage of the order.

Do we sell left hand drive vehicles?

Yes we do, when you send us your inquiry or call us if you mention it our salesmen will tailor the vehicle to your needs.

What is included in the prices shown on the Website?

Prices that are shown on the site are for illustration purposes only, they also do not include the finance companies administration fees road fund licence or VAT or any optional extras such as ply lining. Rates quoted are for business users only.