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Prices are based on monthly payment, excluding initial payment For more information, read our Contract hire Details & FAQ

Benefits of Contract Hire

If you've just recently heard about contract hire then you must be thinking why should I try this option? What are its benefits? Well, there are a number of benefits! There's this flexibility to free up your capital. There are VAT benefits that you can get with contract hire. You can have a lot more accurate budgeting. You do not have to face the problem of depreciation which is faced by all vehicle owners. You have the freedom to choose any vehicle you want. These are just some of the benefits that you get from contract hiring a vehicle. For the best 2015 contract hire deals and some more detail on the benefits of Contract Hire let our friendly and helpful salesmen talk you through it by giving them a call (01656 837534) or by leaving an inquiry.

Why Choose us?

Contract hire is a partner company to Swiss Vans  which is the Top van dealer in the UK. And due to the high demand for contract hire Swiss Vans have launched a new venture using the same principles that made Swiss Vans so successful, Contract hire offers fantastic deals and makes the whole ordeal of getting a vehicle quick, easy and delivered to your door. Swiss Vans Success came about because of the salesmen. They make sure every customer has a satisfying and easy experience when getting a new vehicle and you can see this by the 5 star reviews that we receive. We undoubtedly want that fantastic service replicated with our new company Contract Hire TV. 

Contract hire Vehicle Range

The range of vehicles that we offer is is excellent. has a large spectrum of Vehicles and a variety going from a Golf to an Audi or a City Car to a 4x4.  Our range is going to be rapidly increasing also because we want our customers to have the exact vehicle for their needs so the larger the range the more likely we get you the perfect vehicle. Our Vehicles are priced as low as £132.89 per month so you get a fantastic vehicle for an even better price. Aswell as having a variety of vehicles on offer we also have many features that come with the car, making the vehicle be tailored for your precise needs, all you have to do is let our friendly salesmen know and they will help you out.  

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